The process of maturing from childhood to adulthood is complex for most young people, their parents/carers and the services involved. It is increasingly challenging for those young people with exceptional health care needs due to the complexity of their medical and care needs.  Moving from a model of care where healthcare decisions are made by parents/carers to systems where the young person is expected and encouraged to do more for themselves, utilising different services, building new relationships with a range of different professionals can appear daunting.

Transferring from child to adult services can bring additional stresses and anxieties to a family. The transition process can be improved by using a range of local resources, teams and professionals to identify the young person's on-going needs and then look at how they can be effectively transferred to within the adult service.

There is much published evidence around best practice in developing and planning Transition for young people in health and a number of key themes emerge within all:

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