Recording on NHS Scotland Support Needs System (or a local equivalent database)

The NMCN CEN adopted the existing Support Needs System (SNS) for data collection and reporting. The Support Needs System (SNS) is managed by NHS Scotland Information Services Division (ISD) and enables early identification, assessment and monitoring of children with additional support needs.

The specific part of the SNS that needs to be completed to provide data about children with Exceptional Healthcare Needs is the Functional Assessment. This should be completed and information recorded on the SNS within 4-weeks of registration.

Data relating CEN can be obtained via the ‘Business Objectives’ function of SNS.

Recording children meeting the criteria without the use of SNS

Areas that do not use the SNS system can use the NMCN CEN assessment criteria to identify children and young people with exceptional healthcare needs and register them on their own system. The NMCN CEN is working together with NHS boards using SNS as well as NHS boards without SNS to collect accurate data and map the children and young people across Scotland.

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