Interviews and Case Studies


Alison Shankly talks about her son Clark and the difficult decision the family had to make about if and when to start tube feeding (summary from One Day At A Time).

Full text of interview (PDF) Alison Shankly

Paediatric Consultants

Dr Rob McWilliam and Dr Mike Bisset, two paediatric consultants were interviewed to gain their perspectives on the emotional issues related to tube feeding.

"I would encourage practitioners to consider risks and benefits around feeding but to maintain a perspective."

Full text of interview (PDF) Rob McWilliam, Paediatric Neurologist at Glasgow's Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Yorkhill)

"Generally parents perceive doctors as 'too busy' to discuss how they feel about a process or intervention."

Full text of interview (PDF) Mike Bissett, Paediatric Gastroenterologist at the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital.

Young person with dyskenetic cerebral palsy reflecting on tube feeding

Colin Young, a young person and his father were interviewed to discuss his experience of tube feeding. He emphasised the social impact of feeding difficulties. Colin can tell us what he feels; many children and young people cannot communicate verbally. We have to listen to the whole family.

'In social terms, I now believe feeding is part of the relationships with family, friends and partners. It therefore really matters how people respond to this aspect of my life'.

Full text of case study (PDF) Colin Young

What factor would you consider most important in changing from oral feeding to tube feeding:

Parents attitude towards tube feeding
Emotional impact on the child
Length of time to feed the child
Weight below the 10th centile
Degree of risk if oral feeding is continued

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