News - 2011

November 2011
New Reports: Data Collection and Audit of Pathway of Care
Please download our latest report which contains data collected about children with exceptional healthcare needs and prevalence of severe impairments.
October 2011
Contact a Family- Allows Parents to Search for Others Whose Child has the Same Condition and Chat Privately lets you safely and easily get in touch with others who are affected by the same or similar disabilities, medical conditions or special needs as you are.
June 2011
Updated Literature Review Children with Complex Needs 2011
The aim is to establish a review process for clinical and patient network literature. The group has been asked to do an initial literature review in January 2011 to discuss any recent literature in their field that relates to the care for children with complex and exceptional healthcare needs. After this initial literature review the members are asked to keep the network informed about any new developments in research and patient literature. The literature review has been updated in July 2011.

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