News - 2010

December 2010
Winter Help for Families with Disabled Children by Family Fund
This short film captures some of the emotions felt by parents of children who are tube fed. They share with us some of the difficulties they experience and identify what they find helpful. Practitioners talk about their understanding of various issues. If you would like to use this on-line video or DVD for group discussion and staff training was also provide a PDF with reflective questions suitable for group discussions.
December 2010
Please Help Raise Awareness of the Pathway in Your Area (Presentation Available for Download or Contact Us)
Please download our presentation (MS PowerPoint) for more details.
October 2010
Presentations NMCN CEN Conference 29 September Now Available
The NMCN for Children with Exceptional Healthcare Needs (CEN) annual conference was held on 29 September 2010 involving 120 parents, carers, and professionals. The summary report of the meeting and the presentations are available for download.
August 2010
CEN Conference 29 September 2010
The NMCN CEN Conference on 29 September in Glasgow on the co-ordination of care and the launch of the Pathway of Care is oversubscribed. We have received 180 registrations and only 125 spaces. However, we have kept places available for parents of children with complex and exceptional healthcare needs and we would like to encourage them to register. The conference can be attended by videoconferencing from Inverness and the Western Isles.
May 2010
Year Report NMCN CEN 2009-2010
We are pleased to announce the availability of our NMCEN CEN 2009-2010 report for download.
May 2010
Registration Now Open for NMCN CEN Conference 29 September 2010 Co-ordinating and Improving Services
The NMCN conference will be in September 2010 29 September 2010 in Glasgow, UK. Please register today to attend.

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