News - 2009

November 2009
BBC Documentary 'When a Mother's Love is Not Enough'
This documentary is available on BBC iPlayer about families with disabled children and raises many issues that are being discussed within the CEN network. A very interesting and relevant documentary for families and professionals involved with disabled children.
November 2009
CEN Mid Year Report 2009
The CEN NMCN mid year report 2009 is aimed to inform NSD about the progress of the network but will give others an overview of the topics the CEN NMCN is working on. Please contact the CEN NMCN if you would like to receive more information on any of the topics. The year report of the CEN NMCN will be available in April 2010.
October 2009
CEN Assessment Criteria for Children with Exceptional Healthcare Needs Have Been Agreed
The assessment criteria for children with exceptional healthcare needs have been agreed after discussions at the CEN working groups and SNS users forum. The assessment criteria and pilot study on the children meeting these criteria in Lothian can be found here.
October 2009
CEN Education Module on the Emotional Issues Related to Feeding Support
The CEN network is developing an education module on the emotional issues related to feeding support and decision making. If you are a parent/carer with a view on this topic please e-mail or leave a comment on this web site.

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