Equipment Provision/Housing Adaptations

To support timely discharge of a child with exceptional healthcare needs, any equipment needed for the child needs to be ordered well in advance. Waiting for the child to be fit for discharge before ordering equipment will cause delay in the discharge from hospital. Adaptations needed to housing can be another cause for discharge delay.

Assessment and equipment provision should place the child or young person at the centre. Access to assessment and provision should be fair and consistent, be focused on individual outcomes and enablement. Service users should be listened to, have a say, be respected and responded to.

Children and young people needing equipment and adaptations and their parents/carers need to understand clearly their right to an assessment and the assessment process; what equipment, or adaptations, may be available to them from local authorities, health boards, and other agencies, as well as any costs involved. Families should receive advice and information to enable them to participate in informed decisions about the outcomes they wish to achieve. Any decisions made, and the reasons behind them, should be transparent from the outset for individuals, carers, family and staff.

Joint agency equipment services with joint policies and procedures for provision can improve the efficiency of equipment provision and avoid duplication of assessment. This is helpful to service users and providers. Several good service models exist across Scotland.

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