Training Parents/Carers and Health Care Support Staff

Training parents and carers to feel confident in dealing with the technical aspects of the care for their child is an essential step in preparing for discharge and completing a person centred home support plan.  Healthcare support staff supporting home care in the community will also need to be appropriately trained to allow timely discharge of children with exceptional healthcare needs alongside staff from Education, Social Work and Voluntary Sector services.

Whilst the child is still in hospital education programmes can be initiated for the child and parents. Parents should be encouraged to discuss any concerns that they may have so that they are able to give informed consent to the care that they are being asked to undertake.

Locally developed training guidelines are available across Scotland within health board areas. Often, parent/carer involvement in training of support workers can be very helpful. Both parents and carers should receive continued support after training is completed.

All staff where tasks have been delegated should also have access to:

Where you need to delegate aspects of care to others, you are responsible for ensuring that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake these tasks. Further information can be found at:

Useful web sites:

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