Continuing Care Packages

Children’s Continuing Care is where specialist assessment and a package of care is needed to support the family caring for a child or young person with multiple, complex and enduring health care needs due to disability, accident or illness. The child requires:

                                       (Department of Health, 2010)

Assessment needs to take a wider view on the overall needs of the child and family in line with Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC). The GIRFEC practice model provides the tools for a comprehensive integrated assessment (i.e. My World Triangle and Resilience Matrix). At all stages of intervention, practitioners should reflect on a series of questions that should shape how they respond to the holistic needs of the child and family:

The NMCN CEN supports the use of the NHS Lothian Continuing Care Health Assessment Tool (CCHAT) as a decision support tool. It can be used alongside a comprehensive assessment of child and family wishes and needs, and professional decision making, to identify the health contribution to a homecare package for the child with complex health problems. The tool identifies the risks associated with the child’s health conditions and interventions, and calculates the ‘hours of health support’ needed to help the family manage these risks at home. It focuses purely on the health needs of the child and does not consider the ability of the family to meet those needs or the needs of others in the household.  These factors should be addressed through comprehensive assessment and the contribution of Social Work, Education and others who share in care packages, either through service provision or a funding contribution.


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